License #CL 0181222 since 1989

Mac Pro PPID member, Member of WAMA (World Alliance of Makeup Artists), Bobbi Brown Pro, The Powder Group and Eve Pearl Pro.

Continued education in makeup application, traditional and airbrush as well as styling.

Lisa Robinson, Stylist

Here’s the deal.
I love my job. I love everything about it.

I am a commercial makeup/hair artist and photo stylist with 20+ years of experience in print/video / HD and film. My speciality is natural, clean makeup and hair design for print, commercial, SMT’s, live events, remotes and run and gun productions. I work with men, women and children of all ages, ethnicities looks and experience.

As a freelance artist, I work on all types of productions.  I love how every shoot is different.
My professional job title depends on the type of production and the client’s needs. Although much of my work is with professional talent, many of the talent I work with aren’t paid actors, actresses or models, they are “real people” actual employees, patients or patrons.

I not only enjoy getting talent visually ready for on-camera work but also emotionally ready. As I prep them for camera, I strive to give the talent confidence to help them open up and be prepared to go on camera by making them feel relaxed and comfortable.

My work portfolio includes video and print for tourism, military, hospitals, colleges, banks, law firms and political campaigns just to name just a few. My professional eye for detail, flexibility and extensive background on set make it easy for me to work on any production with utmost confidence.

I believe it’s not just doing makeup and styling, it’s being an integral part of a creative team where everyone is working towards the same goal… the money shot.

No call time is too early for this girl.

Be kind. Listen. Always be open to learn new things.  Help others anyway you can and don’t ever think you are “the best” be the best you can be.